Leather Art

I like to work with leather.  Over the years I’ve made just about everything from coasters to custom saddles, and from the things below, you can see that I have only a few limitations.  These items are just some of the things I will be posting over the next several weeks, so enjoy, and if you would like to have something made, simply let me know at FineLeatherArt@yahoo.com and I’ll be glad to give you a quote.


Everyone needs a good top hat for their steampunk look.  Just don't forget your purple or rose colored glasses.

 Each hat is custom made.  The design is yours, and is absolutely unique to your look.

Got an idea?  Let me know about it.

I've discovered that it's easier to protect ones self from sword blows with a shield rather than a bare arm. 
Every shield is custom hand made, and no two are alike, unless duplicates are ordered at the same time.

Every Scots/Celtic shield is built on 1/2-inch exterior plywood and the face is covered in heavy (16-oz.) leather.  The backing is padded to protect the arm from shocking blows, and is adjustable to fit over body armor.

And what would Santa do without a good belt to hold everything together.  This holly design is a favorite among professional Santa's.  Built of 14-ounce tooling leather and lined in upholstery grade grained cowhide, this belt is made to last.


One doesn't have to be Santa to need a quality belt. 

Basketweave belts are a favorite of mine.

This tri-weave is also another favorite.

But there's nothing quite like a fully hand-carved belt.

And there is nothing that says "Winner" like a good visor at the poker game.  Fully lined and very comfortable.  And waaayy cool.

And, of course, you'll need a place to stash those poker winnings.  My wallets are available in several styles and linings.  All are custom and hand made.

This bi-fold is my personal favorite.

Of course, if the poker game didn't go the way you expected, you can always write a check in style with a custom checkbook cover.

Or you can ask your lovely lady for a loan, which she will gladly give you from her own custom made clutch purse.

Please continue to check back.  There is much more to be posted.

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