Saturday, September 18, 2021

2021 Wild Game Feed

After two long, long years of waiting, the brief flash of excitement we call the Annual Wild Game Feed is over for 2021.  Now we wait some more.  It’s sort of like waiting for a comet to appear once every two- or three-hundred years.  But at least it does come back.

This has been a difficult time for everyone; however, the extra year of preparation for the Feed really paid off.  The members were able to procure a larger park for the gathering, and that alone was a big achievement.  Simply speaking, the Feed outgrew the Lake View Park a few years ago.  And as usual, the members were able to find ways to improve perfection.  Wow!  I often think to myself, “It can’t get any better.”  Then it does.

Thank you.  Everyone, whether guest or member who participated in the 2021 Feed, has contributed to the aid of many worthy charities.  With all the fun and excitement surrounding us at the Feed, it is easy to forget that many organizations depend upon donations from groups, such as the Annual Wild Game Feed, for their survival.  Thank you for helping out.

Well, now we wait some more, and we know the next Feed will be even better. 

See you at the Feed!

Meat and Beer!

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