Tuesday, May 31, 2022

54th Annual Wild Game Feed

O the Joy!  Today I received my ticket order form for the 54th Annual Wild Game Feed to be held at Irvine Lake, Friday, September 16, 2022.  I cannot wait!  I know, I know, I can’t jump ahead in time to the Feed, but if I could…  Oh well.  I’ve already put together everything I plan to bring with me, except for the ice, and I will most likely re-check it a dozen times or more before the event occurs. 

Once again I must warn everyone to waste no time ordering your tickets for the Feed.  It will sell out fast.  To hesitate is dangerous.  To procrastinate is to lose out on the biggest and best game feed I’ve ever been to.  Meat, beer, prizes, games, meat, beer.  How could it get any better?  If you have been there in the past, you know.  If you have never been there, you need to know.

This remains a stag event (men only) 21 years of age and older.  Please check out my list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for additional info and thoughts.  Even though I put this list together a few years ago, it is still relevant today.  Even I reread it from time to time to remind myself of things.

So, guys, get those order forms in the mail, and prepare yourselves for the best party in Orange County.

See you at the Feed!

Meat and Beer!