Saturday, September 16, 2017

2017 Wild Game Feed

When I arrived home from the 49th Annual Wild Game Feed last night, I sat in my car in the driveway for about 20 minutes attempting to come to terms with a disturbing fact about this year’s Feed—it is over.  Over!  Done!  History!  Gone!  It ain’t comin’ back fer a year!  Worst of all, I have to clean everything I brought with me and pack it away. 

On the other hand, the AWGF members provide an unbelievable amount of fun for the participants.  They work hard all year to give us a venue where every man attending is, for at least a short amount of time, an outdoorsman.  Be it a fisherman, camper, hiker, hunter, nature photographer, or any other outdoor hobby/profession, a man can feel at ease at the Feed even if these are simply desires rather than fact.  Yes, at the Feed, every man is an outdoorsman.

I am always grateful to be able to participate in the greatest wild game feed event found anywhere.  The men who prepare this for us are volunteers.  They love what they do, and they do it to provide funds for many worthy charities.  Thank you members of the Annual Wild Game Feed for your vision and dedication.  My simple words can never be enough to express my gratitude, but at least I can say ‘Thank You’ and mean what I say.

As always there was too much of everything.  Too much food, beer, cigars, games, and prizes.  And as always, there was not enough time, but that just creates anticipation for the next Feed.

Already preparing for next year.

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