Friday, August 13, 2021

Wild Game Feed Irvine Lake 2021

Just five weeks to go.  The 53rd Annual Wild Game Feed at Irvine Lake is rapidly approaching.  Well, “rapidly” isn’t quite the correct word to use here; however, five weeks is barely enough time to gather everything together and pack my car seven or eight times. 

If you are anything like me, you find it difficult to wait for the Feed to arrive.  I start pouring over my checklist to make certain I have everything I need to bring.  Cigars, chair, beer mug, sunscreen, etc.  And then I start packing and unpacking my car to double-check how I am going to get it all there (and back again).  My wife just doesn’t get it, even though she has seen me perform this ritual for well over twenty years.  But if you have ever been there, I know you understand.

The Feed is unlike any party I’ve ever attended.  All the beer one desires, all the food you can consume, more friends that you know what to do with, games, prizes, and all the beer one desires.  The only down side is that it will be over before you are ready for it to be over.  Personally speaking, I have never been ready for it to be over.  I even wear the attendance band on my wrist a few extra days—just in case.

It has been an eternity since the last Feed.  Two years of waiting, waiting.  The cancellation of the 52nd Feed was almost more than I could bear.  But it appears the 53rd Feed is going to happen, and I plan on enjoying every possible second of it. 

See You at the Feed!

Meat and Beer!


  1. Replies
    1. I feel your pain. I'm already packed and ready to go.

  2. I'm getting dropped off very early and I'll have canopies, chairs, tables etc with me. Is the drop off point far from where you make line to get in?

    1. I don't know. This is a new location for us, and I haven't been there to see the layout. Since many guys will have the same problem, I'm certain some accommodations will be made for dropping off the bulky items.

  3. Damn it I never got email to get a ticket this year!! If anyone has 1 for sale let me know!!!!!