Friday, July 9, 2021

Irvine Lake 2021 Wild Game Feed

Okay Guys!  Just 10 weeks until the 53rd Annual Wild Game Feed at Irvine Lake.  September 17, 2021.  The 3rd Friday in September.  I hope you bought your ticket.

As of today it has been 94 weeks since the 51st Feed.  The 52nd Feed got eaten by the 2020 pandemic restrictions, and honestly, it could happen again, although I’m staying on the positive side of this.  I am more than ready.  It has been too long since the last gathering of men who enjoy eating (stuffing ourselves stupid), drinking (staying sober with all you can drink beer), and visiting old friends (some older than others).  I really miss this.

For well over 20 years I’ve been participating in this annual gathering, and I’ve watched it grow from roughly 500 guys to about 1,200 guys.  For a number of reasons the cap has been set at 1,200 for several years, and I don’t have a clue as to if or when this may change.  But realistically, I already find it a bit difficult to visit with everyone.  It may be I will need to go on a 2-year rotation in order to visit everyone.  We’ll see.

This annual (normally) gathering of men is quite unique.  It doesn't matter who or what you are, at the Feed everyone is equal and a friend.  No one is better than anyone else, with the one possible exception of the guy pouring the beer.  That guy is king.  The beer keeps on flowing.  And the food doesn't end either.  The appetizers are more than even I can consume.  Then there is dinner.  Wow.  I don't recall ever hearing of anyone who went home hungry. 

Once again there will be some unbelievable prize drawings (including a 1953 5-window Chevy Pickup Truck "restored as original," flat screen TV’s, a champion Labrador puppy, custom firearms, etc.), so bring along a few extra dollars to buy in.  Cigars will be available for purchase, as well as some souvenir items.  Other entertainments and events will be available, as well as an all new Sportsman’s Challenge.

This year the Feed will be held in a different location (Oak Canyon Park), although it is still at Irvine Lake.  It’s very easy to find since it is just down the road from the old location (Lake View Park).  If you have been before, just go to the old location and follow the signs to the new one.  If this is your first time, just south east of the fishing entrance to Irvine Lake on E. Santiago Canyon Rd. is a turn lane into Haul Road.  Signs will be posted.  Just follow the signs.  Real easy.

Meanwhile, I need to start packing the car and getting ready.  After all, it’s only 10 weeks away.

See you at the Feed!

Meat and Beer!

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