Thursday, July 11, 2013


Today I read about the Croger.  It’s a cheeseburger stuffed into a croissant instead of a hamburger bun.  Recently I’ve also been reading about the marriage of a croissant and a donut known as a Cronut or a Dossant or a Doissant.  What’s going on here?  Is the croissant becoming the new food palate where we can just recycle old ideas by combining it with another old idea?
I like croissants.  A good quality jam and a cup of coffee make the croissant a perfect simple breakfast.  Fill it with some chocolate and it becomes almost a dessert.  But apparently that isn’t enough for some people, so I started thinking what I could do with the croissant.
Crofu—Croissant stuffed with tofu.
Chicken and Croissants—Croclucks.  Forget the waffle, have a croissant instead.
Croissants and Baby Back Ribs—Croink.  Why not?
Croissants and Weiners—Crodogs.  Just fill the croissant like a hot dog.
Macaroni and Croissants—Cromacs stuffed with mac and cheese.
Fish and Croissants—Crofin.  Toss the chips aside.
Crocos?  Stuff the croissant with taco fillings.
You get the idea.  I could make this a list several pages long of stupid ideas I would never try to eat (although I am thinking about the Crodog).  It seems the food world is desperate to come up with new or original ideas.  Has the world grown tired of eating the millions of good and great recipe ideas we already have?  If so, why are so many of us overweight?  Could it be because we don’t want quality?
Variations of a good idea are a good thing but are not always successful.  Granted, sometimes a new idea is born of old ideas, and sometimes they are quite good (think Buffalo wings), but usually they are just okay at best.  To me the idea of using the croissant to build upon has some merit, but I still like a simple croissant with some quality jam and a cup of coffee.
Since I’m on this subject, what’s with all the fried things at fairs?  Deep fried Snickers, deep fried butter, deep fried mac and cheese, deep fried anything.  While we are at it, why don’t we just deep fry beer?  Oh wait—it’s been done.
I guess I’m bored with fad foods.  What ever happened to just good old food?  Maybe I missed the memo.

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