Saturday, September 20, 2014

2014 Wild Game Feed

It’s over for another year.  Words cannot express my agony of waiting for it to happen again.  I know time passes, and the Feed will return next year on the third Friday of September, but no matter how I look at it, it’s still a year away.

Each year begins, at least for me, on the day following the Annual Wild Game Feed in Irvine, CA.  And it ends when the sun goes down on the Feed.  Yes, I do have a life the rest of the year, and it is very full, but rarely does a day go by when I fail to think about the next Feed.

If you have never been to this event before, you have missed a great time.  Tickets are not necessarily easy to obtain, but if you can do so, this event will be like nothing you’ve ever attended.  The order form for the tickets usually makes an appearance in May (more or less), and the tickets are quickly sold out.  If you get the opportunity to order tickets, don’t hesitate even one day or you may miss out.

Thanks to everyone who came by my shelter for a visit and some quail eggs.  You made it so much fun for me again this year that I wish we could do this year around.  To my new friends, it was great to meet you, and to my returning friends, thanks for coming back.  We’ll see each other again next year.

This year’s Annual Wild Game Feed was unbelievable.  And every one I have attended I could say the same thing about.  I’ve watched it grow from five or six hundred attendees to about fifteen hundred.  And with each passing year, the events and demos have grown.  And with each passing year, it just gets better.

I have nothing but praise for the organizers of this giant fundraiser.  They work hard to provide an outstanding time for the participants, and they raise a lot of money for charities.  I hope they take a few days to rest before starting to work on next year’s Feed.

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