Sunday, March 20, 2016

I’m Never Moving Again!!

Twenty years and thirty-three days is more than adequate to collect more stuff than I could possibly need or use, and that is exactly what I did.  Then I had to move it all to a new home about fifteen miles from where I had hoped I would never leave.  We more than doubled our living space, but there just isn’t enough room for everything.  I have to ask myself, “How did I make it fit in the old smaller place?”

Well, the move is over and the sorting begins.  The little things we count on everyday can’ be found, but the things we didn’t need are everywhere.  We found books we had never read.  We found duplicates of those books we had never read.  We even found one triplicate—so far.

It took three weeks to get the internet working.  I am still trying to get the power companies to change the utilities into my name.  I just found my computer in a large humidor of cigars (I like the fragrance it give off as it warms up).  But the worst thing is not something I lost or even had before the move—I had to buy a lawnmower.  What was I thinking?  I mowed the lawn yesterday, and this morning there were weeds over 6 inches high.  I’m mowing it again tomorrow to find out if I just missed some parts of the lawn, or if these things really grow that fast.

I applied for a postal address change for mail forwarding on February 1, and I have yet to see anything forwarded to me.  This worries me a lot.  I don’t care if the bills take their time about getting here, and I never read all the junk mail I receive, but the Annual Wild Game Feed will be sending out their order forms in about two months, and I DON’T want to miss that.

I’ve sent out address changes to everyone I can think of who may need to know where I live, but the one that worries me the most is the AWGF.  I’m hoping when the forms start arriving, someone will immediately forward me a copy of the forms.  I know the AWGF does their best to stay up to date on addresses, but my luck says that I will be the one they overlook.

Anyway, as far as the move goes, I’m lightening the load.  I think the various donation centers around this area are reaching capacity as I bring car full after car full.  When I look at something, if I don’t know immediately what it is, or when I last used it, away it goes. 

On the plus side, I like where I now live.  Not that I didn’t like where I was, but this is much better.  No more street parking.  No more parking two miles away and taking the bus home.  And no more worrying about the tenants in the complex we managed.  I sleep at night without fear of someone waking me up at two a.m. with a plugged toilet, or missing keys.

This place is a fixer-upper big-time, and I’m looking forward to the task.  But if anyone gets that AWGF order form, PLEASE email me a copy immediately.

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