Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Big FIVE-O This Year

That’s right.  On September 21, 2018 (the third Friday in September) the Annual Wild Game Feed at Irvine Lake will turn 50 years old.  And I plan to celebrate the birthday big time.  I think I will start with a few cigars (bring or buy there), some cider (I bring my own), a heaping helping of gumbo, quail, wild pig, buffalo ribs, duck sausages, clams, chili, tamales, and salmon.  Then I’ll do it all over again and add anything I missed the first time around such as turkey nuts, calamari, frog legs, chucker, crawfish, and sea bass.  Another cigar, some beer (they provide this), and then I’ll have dinner.  Come to think of it, I do this every year.  That must be because it’s impossible to improve perfection, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the AWGF members actually do improve perfection.  After all, they’ve been doing just that every year since the beginning.

The third Friday in September will see about 1,500 men gather at Irvine Lake to enjoy the Feed.  Food, beer, prizes, games, exhibits, friends—you probably won’t get around to everything, but it is sure fun trying.  Actually, for the last 10 years or so I’ve stayed with the food, beer, and friends.  The prizes are unbelievable (in the past there have been cars, jeeps, motorcycles, big screen TV’s, trucks, camping outfits, rifles, fishing equipment—the list goes on and on), and the games are worthy of any outdoorsman.  The exhibits are fascinating, and the dog demonstration is a hunter’s dream.  (By the way, they usually raffle a hunting dog and training.) 

But the Feed is still 8 months away.  On the plus side, that gives us time to prepare.  And I’m already preparing.  In the past few days, I’ve already begun to check over the few things I bring every year.  Cigars.  Check.  Beer mug.  Check.  Ice chest.  Check.  And so forth.  If anything is missing, I have plenty of time to correct the problem. 

The ticket order forms are usually sent out in late May to early June each year (although last year it was mid-June), and I expect this year it will sell out in just a few days (and I mean ‘in just a few days’).  Don’t hesitate to order your tickets when you get your form, or you may miss out on the Feed this year.  I’ve heard rumors the AWGF members have some special plans for the Birthday Party, but to me it doesn’t matter since it’s already a special party; however, I don’t want to miss out on the fun.  My ticket will be ordered the day I receive the form.  You should do the same.  Just sayin’.

See you at the Feed!

Meat and Beer!

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