Wednesday, May 30, 2018

50th Annual Wild Game Feed

New Post on July 8, 2019.  51st Annual Wild Game Feed.

Fifty years.  Half a century.  Wow!  This is a Big milestone for any organization.  Congratulations Annual Wild Game Feed members for creating the biggest and best wild game feed anywhere!  For a group that started out basically as a backyard barbeque, this has taken on a life and meaning far beyond anyone’s expectations.

I’ve heard rumors of big doings planned by the AWGF members for the Big Five-O.  I don’t know exactly what those plans are, but I do know the Craft Beer Garden will be expanded with more local craft breweries represented, as well as more food items to try.  Also, they are bringing back the whole Alligators! 

The ticket order forms for this year’s Feed are arriving right now.  If you are planning to join the Brotherhood of Carnivores at the 2018 Annual Wild Game Feed on the third Friday in September (September 21, 2018) at Irvine Lake and find out what all those rumors are about, order your tickets NOW!  The tickets will sell out in just a few days, so any hesitation will bring much sorrow, maybe some wailing, certainly some regret.  A couple of years ago one guy forgot to place his order until mid-July.  He was waaaay too late, and he ended up taking out his frustrations with a shovel handle on the side of his truck.  Then he had to have the truck repaired.  Double whammy!

As soon as you have the ticket order form in your hands, fill it out, write a check, and send it in.  I’m not joking about this.  I get emails every year from guys who waited a while to place their order only to discover they were too late.  And last year I started receiving those emails about 2 weeks after the order forms came out.  This year will probably be earlier.  I cannot help you get a ticket after they are sold out.  I buy my own ticket like everyone else, and I don’t have extras.  So, place your order immediately, or plan on waiting another year.

The Annual Wild Game Feed is a big charity fundraiser.  Many worthy organizations (some are listed on your order form) benefit from this event, and I am proud to be allowed to participate.  As always it is a stag event (men only) and 21 years old or older.  No exceptions.  And as always it will be too much fun.  Raffles are for some unbelievable prizes, mounds of meat followed by more mounds of meat, bottomless beer mugs, about 1,500 of your best friends, games, cigars (bring or buy there), and more.  Then they serve dinner.  Absolutely the best wild game feed I’ve ever attended.

So check your mail because the order forms are on the way.  Order your tickets immediately, and prepare for a great time.

See you at the Feed!

Meat and Beer!


  1. Thank you for your posts on this! Hard to find info. I am going for the first time - I have friends that have gone for years. One thing - this year's ticket has an address under the map that is no where near what the actual map has as the location. Did you notice that?

    1. Thanks for reading my blog. I'm certain your friends have already told you this, but the Annual Wild Game Feed is an event like no other. My posts on this blog began because I had been going for years, and people were always asking me about it. I tried to direct them to info online and couldn't find anything. Hope this info helps you. I'm nowhere near my ticket right now, and I haven't really looked at my tickets in years. The address on the ticket is probably the Irvine business address they use, but just go by the map. It's easy to find. Just be prepared to have more fun than you can stand. See you at the Feed! Meat and Beer!

  2. I purchased a ticket for the 50th annual Wild Game Feed in Irvine on 9/21/18. It seems that I have misplaced the ticket, is there a way to verify my purchase at the gate?

    1. The short answer is "I don't know." I don't have a phone number of the person(s) in charge of the purchaser list, so keep searching for the ticket. If you don't find it, come to the Feed anyway. I'll be hanging out with the gate keepers before the Feed, and I'll help you find out the answer. I'm certain there is a list somewhere. See you at the Feed.

  3. I have 1 ticket for sale, I'm selling at face value (200). Email me at, I will be at event and will provide ticket personally

  4. I have 1 ticket to sale, asking for face value (200). I will be at event and give ticket personally. Email me at